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How to Protect Your iPhone

When you see protect your iPhone you probably think, “I have a protective case, that's all I need to do.” That is a good start. Be sure that your case fits nice and snug and if you are going to the beach or will be around water, make sure you get a waterproof case. Be sure that your case is made for your phone. Make sure that the holes on the case are in the right places so you can use your power and volume buttons, the dock and the headphone jack.

Clean your covered iPhone at least once a week to avoid any dirt build up. While you are cleaning your covered phone it is a very good idea to remove your protective case and clean the actual phone at the same time. Most electronics stores sell electronics cleaner that will not harm the fragile inner workings of your iPhone. Be sure to use a lint-free or microfiber cloth.

Protect your screen with a screen protector. The best kind to use is an anti-glare film that makes your iPhone useable outdoors. This will fully protect your screen from unwanted scratches.

Now the outside of you iPhone is safe, now you need to protect the things that you do not see, your data. Be sure to use the security features that Apple has for your disposal. Be sure to password protect everything on your iPhone. Since people routinely store personal information, banking information, and passwords in their phone it is very important to protect your iPhone as well, if not better than your computer. You can even protect your photos and videos!

Computer Repair Indianapolis

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