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Computer viruses infect computers and can cause a myriad of problems. Some problems are made apparent to the user right away, like popup windows, slowness, or other unusual things happening. The scarier type of virus works behind the scenes causing damage to your computer files, or tracking the keys that you type to capture your  passwords and online banking login information. These are the Trojan Horse type viruses that are used for identity theft.  It is very important that if you suspect your computer may have a virus, to call the professionals at Computer Repair Indianapolis right away. We are here to help. We can diagnose your computer at no charge to confirm you are suffering from a virus infection OR check everything out for you and let you know that everything is OK.
Don't delay, call us today at 317-808-5977. You deserve to have the confidence that your computer system is clean and running normally. We are here to help YOU!
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